Unsere amerikanische Hausverwaltung

Liebe Leser, Gäste, Besucher und Urlauber.

Vielen Dank für das Interesse an dem Ferienhaus Villa BLUE BAYOU. Das Haus lassen wir über die amerikanische Hausverwaltung von Esther und Seraina verwalten. Beide sprechen deutsch und kommen eigentlich aus der Schweiz. Sie kümmern sich um das Haus, sind vor Ort Ansprechpartner und schließen auch den Mietvertrag.

Natürlich stehen wir als Eigentümer in Deutschland bei Fragen vor dem Urlaub gerne zur Verfügung.




Hier finden Sie die allgemeinen Mietbedingungen als Grundlage.

Bei Fragen bitten wir um Kontaktaufnahme. Vielen Dank und schon jetzt einen tollen Urlaub, sollten Sie sich für unser Haus VILLA BLUE BAYOU entscheiden.






All homes and condominiums (rental units) in our rental program are privately owned, are for rent by owner and their prices are subject to change. For each reservation you will receive a written confirmation, which will be sent to you by email.


The Minimum rental term is one week, however, some rental units come with a minimum one (1) month term. 12% tourist tax and a processing fee will be additional. You can pay by Personal Check, Wire Transfer or Credit Cards. We suggest credit card payments using Visa, MasterCard or Discover. All payments are to be made in US-Dollars and all occurring bank fees and transfer fees are to be paid by the renter. A deposit of 33% of the total amount is required to hold a rental reservation and is due at time of booking. The reservation is only valid after receipt of the first deposit. An additional deposit of 33% of the total amount is due 90 days prior to arrival. The final balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival. Keys are only handed out after receipt of full payment. Reservations made within 30 days of arrival require the full amount to be paid by check, cash or with a credit card. All rental units are subject to a one time cleaning fee from $125.00 to $285.00 USD (depending on unit-size).

Utilities and Security Deposit

The owner of your rental unit will provide water, electricity, air conditioning, heat, trash removal, TV and FREE Wi-Fi. The renter is responsible for pool-heater, excessive Internet-use plus all long distance calls made during his stay (where phone is available).

All rental units are subject to a security deposit of $500.00 USD against loss, damage, breakage, extra cleaning or towards the Long Distance phone bill (if phone is not blocked for Long Distance). Renters are responsible for any damage that occurs during their occupancy. Renters need to advise the Management Company immediately regarding any loss or damage occurred.

The security deposit is fully refundable within 2 to 5 business days after departure should the occupants not incur any costs arising from breakage, loss, damage or extra costs and all keys and garage door openers have been returned. Minor breakages such as crockery or glassware will inevitably occur at times. It is much cheaper for the renters to replace these items themselves rather than wait for them to be discovered by the house keeper.


All prices displayed on our website and in our brochures are based on occupancy of 4 people, including children. Any occupancy of more than 4 persons (or 6 persons in larger homes) will incur an additional charge per person. The maximum occupancy of each rental unit is shown on the rental agreement. This maximum number is the MAXIMUM total occupancy. Over-occupancy is considered a SERIOUS VIOLATION of your lease and you will be asked to leave or the occupancy can be denied.


Pets are not permitted in our rental units unless specifically stated in the rental agreement. Costs for each pet will be $100.00 USD for extra cleaning. A renter with a pet in a rental unit without prior written permission shall be deemed to be in violation of the rental agreement and shall be evicted immediately with no refund and shall include the forfeiture of all monies paid.


If you need to cancel your rental agreement, it is important that the

Management Company is notified immediately in writing e-mail.

The following cancellation charges apply.

Up to 91 days prior to arrival the cancellation charge is $300.00 USD 61-90 days prior to arrival the cancellation charge is $400.00 USD. 31-60 days prior to arrival the cancellation fee is 60% of the rental fee (plus prorated taxes).

Within thirty (30) days of arrival the cancellation fee is 100% of the rental fee (plus taxes). In case the rental unit is re-rented for the entire period in an amount equal to or greater than the rental fee agreed by the renter, the cancellation charge will be $500.00 USD.

The security deposit is not subject to any cancellation charges and will be refunded in full. No rental refunds are given for early departure. In most cases, you may be covered under your Travel Insurance policy (which we highly recommend).

The Management Company reserves the right to cancel any reservation where it is believed that the information provided regarding the identity of any or all persons listed on the rental agreement is incorrect or not true. Your deposit will be refunded minus a fee of $300.00 USD. If your choice of a rental unit becomes unavailable for your travel dates for any reason, we reserve the right to assign you an alternate rental unit of equal or higher standard in the same or as close location as possible.


Each rental unit is individually owned and the furnishings and decorations reflect the taste of the owner. Equipment and supplies may vary. The Management Company cannot be held responsible for changes made by the owners in regard to furnishings, decorations and equipment, or for the general condition of the rental unit. All rental units are very well-maintained and very clean. From time to time some problems with utilities (electric, water, TV, appliances, etc.) may occur. All efforts are made to take care of the repairs promptly but some delays may be possible, especially during holidays or over weekends. Please do not place repair calls yourself. Renters will not be entitled to any refund, discount or compensation whatsoever due to malfunctioning of equipment or other renter dissatisfactions. Renters shall not move or relocate any furniture, TV's or other fixtures or equipment in the rental unit.

All complaints or enquiries concerning your rental unit must always first be brought to the attention of the Management Company.


We are proud to offer very clean rental units. Each rental unit is cleaned prior to your arrival. During your stay the rental unit is self-sustaining and we expect the rental unit to be kept in a normal clean condition. The one time cleaning fee includes one routine cleaning plus washing of bedding and towels (more than 3 loads will be de-ducted from the deposit). Additional Mid-Stay-Cleaning can be arranged upon request and is to be paid separately before departure. Do not leave any food open or outside. Florida is notorious for ants and other insects. Remember: A cleaner rental unit has fewer bugs.

Our cleaning service is using "green" cleaning agents which are safe for people with chemical sensitivities and allergies, which in turn means we try helping to protect the environment. The used products are all environmentally safe and meet or exceed the EPA's standards in their "Design for the Environment".


Due to the increase in rental unit construction in the area, there is the possibility of some construction noise. We hope that this will not affect your stay in any way, but the Management Company cannot accept liability for any disturbance this may cause.


Some rental units offer phone service. Local calls, 1-800-numbers and

Emergency calls are free in these rental units.


All rental units offer FREE High Speed Internet and Wi-Fi. Most rental units have limitations for their data download amounts. Streaming videos and excessive use of the Internet will be charged extra.

Responsibilities of the renters


The responsible party in the Rental Agreement agrees to accept full and personal liability for all loss or damage caused during the occupation of the rental unit and confirms that the full costs for any repair or replacement will be paid by same.


Your rental unit may be located in a deed restricted community where special restrictions may apply (e.g. no boats, trailers or RV's are allowed in the driveway). It is your obligation to be aware of and abide by the rules, regulations and restriction of the particular community where your rental unit may be located. Violation of any of these restrictions may result in immediate termination of the rental agreement and forfeiture of all monies paid.


The renter agrees that during the term of the occupancy of the premises, the premises are kept clean and free of trash, garbage, and other waste. The renter also agrees to allow potential showings of the rental unit to prospective renters and buyers with 24 hours’ notice. We expect the rental unit to be left in a "neat" condition. Additional cleaning can be arranged and is to be paid separately before departure. All of our units are smoke-free.


During your vacation, you will be staying in a privately owned rental unit on a private residential estate. Please ensure that you act in a neighborly and courteous manner towards your neighbors, who will most likely NOT be on vacation. While we do not wish to diminish your enjoyment in any way, we do request that noise be kept to a minimum during early mornings, late evenings and through the night, particularly around the patio and pool. Excessive noise will almost certainly lead to a visit from the Sheriff or local security officer and could even lead to your party being evicted from the premises and forfeiture of all monies paid.


The responsible party in the rental agreement assures that any guest who violates any of the terms of the rental agreement shall be immediately denied occupancy and shall be liable and remedy any damages or other expenses which are caused by the renter and/or the renter's guest(s)


Assignment or sub-leasing is not permitted to any persons not authorized by the Management Company in advance and in writing. Please ensure that we are notified of any changes to the original booking as unauthorized persons staying at the rental unit will cause the whole party to be evicted from the premises with no refund and shall include the forfeiture of all monies paid.




Check-in time is usually at 4 PM, check-out time is at 10 AM. The time in between is needed for the cleaning service to make the rental unit ready for the next renters. If you plan to arrive late, please notify the Management Company ahead of time so that arrangements can be made on how you get access to the rental unit. Furthermore, please inform the Management Company by email or fax about your expected arrival time at least one week prior to your arrival.




Check-in time is 4 PM or as agreed. Upon arrival, you will find a "Little Manual", a garage door opener plus the keys on the countertop (if not arranged otherwise). Please call the Management Company within 24 hours (but during Business hours) to arrange for a personal Check-in.


Sometimes there are some trash or recycling leftovers in the garage of the rental unit, ready to be put out for pick-up. Since there are specific collection days for trash/recycle pickup and there might be raccoons in your area which like to open trash, these leftovers need to stay inside the garage until the collection day. Please take care of putting out the trash on the first collection day (see instructions in your manual). There are often some usable leftovers from former renters in the kitchen or bathrooms. You are welcome to either use these products or throw them away.



Check-out time is 10AM. Please remove all trash from the rental unit on the last collection day prior to departure. Clean and re-shelf all dishes, clean the range, oven and especially the BBQ. Close and lock all windows and doors. Set Air Conditioner to 80°F in all rooms. If keys or garage door openers are not returned on your departure day, there will be a charge of $250.00 USD towards your security deposit.


Pool/Jacuzzi and exterior Maintenance


There is a service company in charge of all Pools, Jacuzzis, landscaping and exterior maintenance. Please DO NOT touch any of the pool controls. Please keep pool cage doors unlocked at all time for the cleaning service.


The Pool/Jacuzzi may be heated (if available) during cooler seasons at an extra charge from S75.00 to $85.00 USD per week. Minimum charge is one week and payable by the renter at or before arrival.


The Management Company as well as the owners and their agents do not accept liability for any injury in or around the Pool/Jacuzzi and  on the entire premises. Renters and their guests are specifically instructed NOT to allow unsupervised children to use the Pool/Jacuzzi or to play on the Pooldeck and around the Pool/Jacuzzi.  Baby Safety Fences (where available) have to be installed for child  protection at all times. The use of Golfcart(s) (where available) on  and outside the premises happens at the renter’s own risk and all  liability and responsibility is strictly declined by the Management Company and by the owners.


Reservation for the following Year


All renters have the first right of refusal to book the same rental unit for the following year and for the same time-frame. We always try our best to accommodate our customers, therefore please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to rent a unit for the following season. There usually is a waiting list for February, March and April.


Weather and Nature


The State of Florida is of sub-tropical nature and can experience extreme weather at certain times. June to November is Hurricane season, during this time you can occasionally experience high winds and heavy rainfall. July and August can be hot and humid with temperatures up to 96°F. Lightning and Thunderstorms are likely and can occur daily during the summer. The Management Company is not responsible for these events and no refund shall be provided for any interruption in your stay due to acts of God. Protection from the sun is vital, especially for children. Florida also is notorious for insects, therefore repellants are recommended. Please respect the wildlife.


Office Hours


The Management Company can normally be reached by phone from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time. For emergency questions, feel free to contact us at afterhours.


We appreciate your business and wish you
a most enjoyable and relaxing vacation.


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